"I've always believed that music for Games or Films, are the Director's voice speaking directly to the players or audicence, through my musical notes.
With a great sound, people can believe in anything."


I am a game composer and sound designer who has worked on more than 400 games including Good Job!, Dolmen, Stormbound, Finding Monsters Adventure, Second Life, Rock & Rails and for companies such as Nintendo, DeNA, Paladin, Wooga, SEGA, Samsung, Hoplon, Level Up, Vice, Bit Planet and many more.


I am also the founder of the companies Andromeda Sound, Game Audio School and The Amazonic.


I believe that audio composition is synonymous to  storytelling, and I love to tell stories!

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“Antonio is the best audio professional I had opportunity to work with and he is always trying to improve himself even more. He is also a great colleague, able to work with others as a team and help the group to achieve better results”.
Marcelo Nunes de Carvalho – Mentor and Owner at Devworks Game Technology.
"Antonio Teoli is a reference to the Game Design course, for teachers and students of the University. Constantly we use the example of Antonio as successful professional, those who excel not only for technical consistency (which is not little), but by proactive and entrepreneurial behavior. One of the things that make us proud to know is that the success of Antonio exceeded the limits of the universities. Today it is no longer just a former student of the course. He crossed these borders. Today it is a benchmark in the industry".
Delmar Galisi – Coordinator and Counselor of Game Design Course at University Anhembi Morumbi.
“Antonio is a very talented sound designer and composer. He has a solid ground in music and composition. He also has sensibility for several kind of game’s sound design and game music. It is always a pleasure to work with him”.
Adriana Kei – Owner at Cats in the Sky.
“Antonio has a great experience developing sound effects and musics for games. He is a great composer that can work with any musical genre really fast. I definitely recommend!”.
Archias Almeida – Owner at Devworks Game Technology.
Managed by Andromeda Sound
Los Angeles, CA, United States