"I've always believed that music for Games or Films, are the Director's voice speaking directly to the players or audicence, through my musical notes.
With a great sound, people can believe in anything."


Known as the Brazilian pioneer on game music, Antonio Teoli is an awarded composer that since 2003, worked as Composer and Audio Director at Devworks, Hoplon, We Love Quiz and Samsung Black River Studios and also with his own company, Andromeda Sound.

So far, Antonio Teoli has scored nearly 500 game soundtracks for platforms such as PC, Web, Mobile, PS4, SEGA Master System and Sega-Genesis and for games such as NINTENDO Good Job!, Stormbound, Taikodom, Dolmen, Jelly Splash, Bubble Island 2, Finding Monsters, Rock & Rails and many more.

Born in Brazil, Antonio Teoli started early to develop as a musician. In the very first year of life, his father – a semi-professional guitarist – had already introduced him the first chords on the guitar.

At age 7, Antonio began studying classical piano and at age 12, extended his passion on a local orchestra, where he played the tuba for almost 3 years.

Upon completiing 15 years of age, Teoli decided to pursue a music professional career, starting his studies in the guitar and opting to increase his knowledge on local conservatories, playing on night bars in Sao Paulo on the side – making this one of his sources of income at that time.

At age 17 he began his college and joined the first class of Game Design not just in Brazil but the whole Latin America. His goal was to extend his love of music, in an area almost non-existent in Brazil at the time: music for games.

His effort to become a great professional in the industry was soon rewarded by receiving his first job offer (4 months after he started the college) to work as an in-house composer and sound designer at Devworks Game Technology – a company founded by 3 partners and for many years known as the model enterprise in Brazil. Teoli composed for 95% of their games.

On his graduation cerimony, Teoli received three awards from the University Anhembi Morumbi.

In 2008, Teoli was invited to become the Audio Director of Hoplon Infotainment, being in charge of composing, orchestrating, creating the SFXs, direct the voice overs for the game Taikodom and other projects. His work on Taikodom earned him a few more awards and nominations.

In 2009, he started a seminar at Opus Conservatory where he studied composition and electric guitar with two other great musicians of the city of Florianópolis, Denis Warren and Hique D’Avila.

In 2010, Antonio founded his own company specializing in sound for games, Andromeda Sound (formerly known as Teoli Soundworks), which already has several clients and games released worldwide.

In 2012, he concluded his class in Game Music at Berklee College of Music, receiving the highest score in his final graduation project.

2013 was the year Antonio Teoli joined the company We Love Quiz as an Audio and Creative Director. There, he worked on almost 15 games and at the end of the year the company was bought by Movile Company.


Also in 2013, he released, alongside with Marcelo Moreira, the musical project, Marmor, which received great reviews from the press.

In 2014, Teoli was invited the be part of Samsung's team and work as Lead composer and Lead sound designer for their recently inaugurated game studio, Samsung's Black River Studio.


In 2017, Game Audio School was born! A new online school envisioned by Teoli focused in teaching audio for games for everyone. Firstly released in Brazilian Portuguese, the school has special guests from audio professionals who worked on games such as Halo, Destiny, Gears of War 4, Final Fantasy and so on. 

In 2018, Teoli moved to Los Angeles to build his new studio and expand his career...

In 2019, The Amazonic, a sample library company created by Teoli focused in provide Amazonian virtual instruments for composers at the same time it benefits the communities in need in Brazil.

In 2020, Good Job! developed by NINTENDO and Paladin Studios was released making him the only Brazilian who ever composed for a NINTENDO game.


Awarded 2006 – Anhembi Morumbi University - Best Student Portfolio

Awarded 2006 – Panorama of Design at the Anhembi Morumbi University - Best professional recently graduated 

Awarded 2006 – University Anhembi Morumbi - Best Sound Design for Moebius Game


Nominee 2009 – SBGames (Prêmio) Nave - Best Soundtrack for Taikodom

Awarded 2011 – Brazil Game Show Best Soundtrack for Taikodom Living Universe

Awarded 2012 – Game Music Brazil – Best Audio on Popular Vote for Taikodom Living Universe

Nominee 2012 – Game Music Brazil – Best Audio on Critics Vote for Taikodom Living Universe

Nominee 2018 – SBGames - Best Audio for Conflict 0: Shattered

Nominee 2018 – SBGames - Best Audio for Dead Body Falls

Nominee 2019 – SBGames - Best Audio for Dolmen


“Antonio is the best audio professional I had opportunity to work with and he is always trying to improve himself even more. He is also a great colleague, able to work with others as a team and help the group to achieve better results”.
Marcelo Nunes de Carvalho – Mentor and Owner at Devworks Game Technology.
“Antonio is a very talented sound designer and composer. He has a solid ground in music and composition. He also has sensibility for several kind of game’s sound design and game music. It is always a pleasure to work with him”.
Adriana Kei – Owner at Cats in the Sky.
"Antonio Teoli is a reference to the Game Design course, for teachers and students of the University. Constantly we use the example of Antonio as successful professional, those who excel not only for technical consistency (which is not little), but by proactive and entrepreneurial behavior. One of the things that make us proud to know is that the success of Antonio exceeded the limits of the universities. Today it is no longer just a former student of the course. He crossed these borders. Today it is a benchmark in the industry".
Delmar Galisi – Coordinator and Counselor of Game Design Course at University Anhembi Morumbi.
“Antonio has a great experience developing sound effects and musics for games. He is a great composer that can work with any musical genre really fast. I definitely recommend!”.
Archias Almeida – Owner at Devworks Game Technology.
Managed by Andromeda Sound
Los Angeles, CA, United States